Silicone Molded Products
Silicone Molded Products we deal in are apt for different applications, standing in need of high precision seals. These are needed to make multi-pin connectors, infant products, sealing membranes, electric connectors and others.
Viton Rubber Products
Viton Rubber Products we deal in can be used safely used with diluted acids, hydraulic oil, gasoline, vegetable oils lubricating and fuel oils, etc. These have good chemical resistance and are used to make the caps of fuel seals, T-seals, radial lip seals, cap seals, and others.
Silicone Loaf Mold
Silicone loaf molds we deal inare the creative ways to make several molds. They are suited to make bath crayons, homemade soaps,magnets, jewelry, homemade chalk, erasers and many others.
Silicone Sheets
Silicone sheets are soft covers made from cross-linked polymers. These have been reinforced with mesh as well as bonded fabric. The sheets are useful in the treatment of hypertrophic scars and assist in the prevention of scars formation.
Silicone Cable
Silicone cables have outstanding thermal properties. These have high resistance to heat and boasts of superior usage flexibility and maneuverability. These have utility in steelworks, smelteries, ceramic, hot-rolling mills, glass and cement sectors.
Silicone Profile
The Silicone profiles we offer are demanded for lighting industries, construction purposes, electronic washers, man way seals, spacers, seals, high-temperature sealing, oven HVAC equipment, mass transit seals, rail etc.


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